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    Little Bird Spa's

(631) 287-1118
Foot Reflexology Massage
Chinese Facial, Galvanic Facial
and Waxing

Little Bird Healing Spa opened in Southampton Father's Day 2013. 
Little Bird Spa East Hampton opens with thousands of hours experience i 2015 for five years, until 122020.
Little Bird Spa has been practicing Reflexology since 2007.
She started practicing foot reflexology in Hampton Bays at Little Bird Nail Salon
There is definitely a difference between foot reflexology and a foot massage.  
Foot Reflexology done correctly encourages the body to heal itself.  
Foot Massage and Body Beauty Massage are both very good for skin appearance and are relaxing. 
Little Bird Spa's are open seven days per week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas
16 Hill Street - Suite 3

7 days 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM
First Shop in 2007, Hampton Bays
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Many thanks to The International Institute of Reflexology and David Cook.
Reflexology helps enable the body to heal itself. A qualified reflexologist understands the relationship of the points between each nerve ending in the hands and feet to the corresponding organ. Often the body will respond to these pressure points in a favorable way. Reflexologist do not practice medicine but will often detect a troubled area long before symptoms begin and suggest seeking out medical attention if a threatening disorder is suspected. Jackie has been practicing reflexology since 2007, she has had advanced formal training in reflexology and has a natural talent to comprehend its potentials. Use good common sense, reflexology is never an alternative to a physical checkup by a physician.
A simple foot rub or foot massage is not foot reflexology but also has benefits. It is good for blood and lymph circulation and feels very comfortable and relaxing, although it is not reflexology. It gives relief to achy muscles and is good for the skin.
Little Bird Healing Spa is located at 16 Hill Street, Southampton, NY 11968.  Telephone (631) 287-1118

Little Bird Spa East Hampton is located is closed.
Little Bird Healing Spa in Southampton provides personal service which are reflexology, traditional Chinese facialsgalvanic spa facials (uses Nu Skin ageLOC products), beauty massages and waxing.   
Little Bird Spa in East Hampton is closed.
Little Bird Nail Salon provided personal service which includes reflexology, traditional Chinese facialsgalvanic spa facials (uses Nu Skin ageLOC products), beauty massageswaxing and nail salon services such as spa pedicuresmanicurescolor changes etc
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Little Bird Spa for Foot Reflexology, Exfoliation Facials, Body Scrub, Waxing and Body Beauty Massages.
Hours 10:00 - :7:30
We are no longer the owners of Little Bird Foot Spa of Westhampton Beach.